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In three and a quarter years of publication, ORIGINATE! newsletter published over 250 articles and best practice tips. We are no longer releasing new monthly editions, but all of the articles are in our archives.

These articles deliver practical real-world strategies and proven tactics, the best methods used by top attorneys now to land clients, sell work and strengthen relationships. The advice and comments come from experienced and insightful contributors and make the archive a practice-building asset of unparalleled depth and breadth. 

Searching for Articles: The archives are completely searchable using the "Search" box at the top right of this page (which you can explore now). However, most of the articles are available to registered users only. Just enter any search term you wish in the text box and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. To select an article, click on a title that interests you; you will be prompted for your user name and password. You can also browse the newsletter issues by clicking "Archives" beneath the banner at the top of any page.

Cost: You can get full access to this rich set of articles for an entire year for only $99. Just contact the ORIGINATE! archivist, Laura Kresich, to obtain your user name and password:

Laura Kresich


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